Death Defying Graphics

Sometimes the simplest designs present the greatest challenges. We recently undertook a job wrapping a tower for the new hospital in Provo, UT. As with all large scale jobs this one presented quite a few challenges. The first of which became blaring obvious to me as we approached the building for our initial design meeting and that was that there was a large variety in the sizes of the windows that made up the buildings exterior. We assumed we would be able to simply measure the windows from the inside but quickly found out that was not an option and the towers windows started at lease 100 feet off of the ground. Lucky for us we were informed that the roof from the neighboring building was accessible and would get us to withing 20 feet of the windows, we would have to come back another day with some equipment. In the mean time we received the architects drawings that outlined the layout and pattern of the windows. With plans in hand we returned to the hospital to confirm our measurements, Getting to the actual window we were going to wrap was not an option however luckily for us the window sizes on the bottom were the same as the ones on the top. The roof was wet and slippery but that did not deter our fearless project manager from extending the ladder as far as it would reach and climbing to the top to get the measurements we needed.

Once everything was confirmed we returned to our shop to start the tedious process of chopping the artwork up and printing it panel by panel. Many long nights later the panels were printed trimmed and wrapped into bundles ready for our repel team.

The repel team, not being scared of anything, immediately set to work, hanging hundreds of feet off the ground, applying panel after panel. Stopping only occasionally for the random storm cloud who decided to leak a little. In the end the payoff was worth the stress and the adrenaline filled install.

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